The scope of the conference is to make a significant contribution to catalyzing the learning and dissemination process of an emergent design knowledge-base,  theory and practice, on design for sustainability, within the design community; a contribution to take up the challenge of Sustainability in Design, NOW!

The conference approach is to look at various stakeholders in this arena - designers, design educators and design researchers - as a unique and multipolar  learning community. This is a design community adopting a new ethos, promoting all possible synergies and processes of learning-by-sharing, enabling  effective knowledge base and know-how sharing, osmosis and cross-fertilization in an open and copy left ethos.

In this context, the conference aims at offering an understanding of the worldwide challenges and the opportunities so that designer-participants can be more  active and effective in the transition towards a sustainable society. The conference aims to be both visionary and pragmatic, and to stimulate new ways of  thinking.

Furthermore a Bangalore 2010 Manifesto on Sustainability in Design will be discussed, agreed upon and signed.