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Politecnico di Milano

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2012 Offshoring Research Network International Conference:

The Global Sourcing of Innovation


Organized by

Politecnico di Milano School of Management


Milan, May 29-31, 2012

The global sourcing of knowledge creation and innovation (e.g. advanced knowledge and analytical services, R&D support functions, product design and development and R&D) has been growing exponentially across almost every industry. This phenomenon has emerged as a strategic driver for companies and increasingly is attracting academic research by management, and international business scholars. 

An array of different motives, including perceived cost advantages, growing shortage of science and engineering talent in most developed economies, recognition that emerging economies will account for future top line growth, have all contributed to the unprecedented surge in global sourcing of knowledge intensive activities such as research and development across all industries and technologies.

Particularly, this conference intends to be an opportunity for executives and academics to engage and explore managerial and organizational challenges as well as theoretical and empirical contributions related to global sourcing of advanced knowledge and analytical services, product development and design, R&D support functions, and traditional research and development activities. 

A unique feature of the conference is the integration of a managerial oriented day (29th May 2012) focusing on emerging issues such as latest TPI assessment of outsourcing business services and implications, developments across the EU, private clouds, cyber security, country and concentration risk, of concern to sourcing executives and providers, followed by two days (30th-‐31st May 2012) of academic research.



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